Joy-Con Comfort Grip Guide and Features. ORDER HELP SUBMIT A REQUEST. Features: Lightweight, ergonomic design for comfortable gameplay anywhere. Double-injected rubber grips for added comfort. Easy slide-in design secures each Joy-Con. Visible player indicator lights. Officially licensed by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch. The Joy-Con Comfort Grip transforms the left and right Joy-Con into a single comfortable game controller for Nintendo Switch. The ergonomic rubber grips keep your palms happy and your fingers from cramping during those long play sessions. These reviews are.. Ergonomic, rubber grips will keep your palms happy and your fingers from cramping at home or on-the-go. Simply slide each Joy-Con Controller down the rails until they click, and view the player indicator lights through the front. ProTip: the Comfort Grip stands up on its own and looks great next to your Nintendo Switch Dock. Unlike the Joy-Con grip bundled with the Nintendo Switch system, the Joy-Con charging grip can recharge the Joy-Con while you play, so you never They offer a grip which is not all that great to begin with. The pro controller is a much better option or 3rd party options that offer better ergonomics. ARGUS Pro & ARGUS X create the most comfortable grip with ergonomic.

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